Saturday, March 24, 2012

Love Me Some Scraps!

I love to sit down with my "scraps"
and let them "speak" to me.
I know, not normal.
But all you scrapbookers out there know how many extras there are
after we've finished a project.
There are sticker sheets left ~ with only a few stickers.
Extra strips and morsels of paper left after mats and borders were made.
Well, I like to take those scraps and make border sets.
I combine the strips into borders
and decorate them with some of the unused stickers.
I make a title or a journal box
and some photo mats.
These make great gifts for other scrappers.
I always have some for sale at my workshops.
And they're easy to use later when you have a page to finish that fits one of these themes.
I do love me some scraps!


ayala said...

I love what you do with your scraps and with your scrapbooking ...what a gift to your family.

Dianna said...

Great idea, Adrienne! Don't you just love it when everything just comes together??

Sara said...

I feel that way with photos - where to hang, how to enlarge, colour/b&w. It brings me a lot of peace

Debbie said...

these are beautiful adrienne, some of these look familar. i think some of these may be sitting on my scrapping table, waiting to find their final resting spot!!