Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring's Promise!

Every branch. Each bud. Every seed.
Seeking sunlight. Yearning to bloom and
to become. Spring holds such promise.

Here come the reds, the yellows,
the purples, blues and greens! Bursting
forth from the dry, wintered ground.

We clean and plant and open
the long sealed windows to the
fresh air ~ our own hope renewed.

Melissa's word for us today?


pattisj said...

Pretty flowers and thoughts.

Melissa said...

"We... open the long sealed windows to the fresh air..."

I like to think I'm doing this, metaphorically speaking, every spring. (Mostly I am probably not. But I talk a good game...) ;)

2bdancing said...

Those crocuses are such hopeful, optimistic flowers. They open their blossoms long before everyone else and long after in the deep fall.

ayala said...

Beautiful flowers and beautiful words!

kittyhere said...

Enjoyed your lovely post about spring.

Sara said...

Oh the colours!!! I can't wait for the colours :)

Dianna said...

Perfect! (Words & photos!)

Barbara said...

Isn't it beautiful? I can't wait for spring to be in full bloom.