Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Sum of our Parts {A Bigger Picture Moment}

Stepping back, I saw a bush. A bush dusted with antique white.
Focus in, and there are bells. Sweet, delicate bells!

Stepping back, I saw a tree. A tree with branches of white reaching towards the gray sky.
Focus in, and each flower shows off, calls out, dances cheerfully on the breeze.

Stepping back, I saw a sapling. A sapling draped in cottony white.
Focus in, and notice that flowers and buds nestle together on every bowing branch.

A morning walk.

Stepping back, I see years of time. Time shared that spreads like a blanket that comforts.
Focus in, and there are moments. Thousands of sweet, cherished moments!

Stepping back, I see a family. A family that's whole, that's connected.
Focus in, and each one has a part to play. A gift to share. A life to live.

Stepping back, I see a room. A room full of familiar people and belongings.
Focus in, and notice the laughter. And the stories. And the meal. And the hugs.

An evening at home.

This week's Bigger Picture Link up is hosted by Peanut Butter In My Hair

...and special thanks to Alita
who is celebrating spring one color at a time this week!
I've enjoyed hunting for springs's is White!


  1. Such beautiful pictures! I have always wanted a tree like the one in your last picture. The cascading flowers are just so pretty in the spring!

  2. Amazing how we can zoom in and out on our day to see a lot more. So pretty.

  3. Cherished moments... a family...and an evening at home..that sums it up to the best things possible :)

  4. Such wonderful comparisons, Adrienne. I've often thought that about leaves on the trees in autumn.

  5. Oh, this is perfect! Perfect captures. Perfect poetry. Perfect sentiment. Perfect!

  6. This was like a long sigh, and your blooms are magnificent. I'm so happy that you celebrated color ALL week with me! :)))


  7. This was just lovely. I adore how you made the connection to the flowers on the trees and the members that make up the family. All images of the Body, for sure.

  8. You are such an amazing writer. So beautiful.