Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Folks Around the Pond

As the weather has gotten warmer, more and more people come out to enjoy the pond.
Some come alone, looking for that quiet place to think or walk or read.
Some bring an old friend ~ I wonder how long those guys have been fishing together in this spot.
There are families and dog walkers and bikers...all stages and ages and walks of life.

I'm still just walking, and watching and snapping away!

Black and White Wednesday


  1. I love the shot you used for companionship. Physically they may not be close to one another, but you know in this shared activity, probably shared love really that they are complete companions.

  2. These are A-mazing hon! LOVE the b&w editing!

  3. I love to people-watch, and this looks like the perfect place. Love your photos!

  4. Great post. Nice black and white editing.

    If you are interested I have a b&w photo contest on my blog every week.


    Click and check it out and enter your b&w shots. If not, have a blessed day.

  5. I love how you presented these Adrienne!

  6. what a wonderful idea adrienne and the b & w is just perfect for this.

    each one was my favorite until i saw the next. these are all great but i think companionship was my favorite.

    i need to have more time alone with my nikon but my inability to drive makes that impossible.