Friday, April 20, 2012

Love That Dirty Water

Yesterday, beneath the bright, afternoon sun,
I wandered. And watched. And marveled. 
I was alone in the crowd.
Alone with my thoughts. Nowhere to
be, my camera in hand. Anonymous.

Thousands upon thousands came, just like
me. There were babies and grandfathers,
students and business men...large groups
and loners. We came for photo
ops and sit in
the dugout, touch the green monster
and step onto the warning track.

I sat behind home plate (cause
it was free, and I could!)
and ate a Fenway Frank. Yum.
Drank my icy diet coke from 
a 100 year anniversary souvenir cup. 
And watched the people - all here
to celebrate this magical, century old,
memory filled, home town ball park

We hold on to our history
here, and cling to our traditions.
I love calling Boston my home.
And I love this ball park.

Today's word? Hold.


  1. Great pictures! Must have been awesome to be a part of history like that.

    I'm fiercely loyal to and proud of my city too (Chicago) but I also love Boston. Cities steeped in history and culture - so much to love!

  2. These pictures make me miss baseball so much!!!

  3. What a fun day! Glad you got to go. You got some really great shots.

  4. Wonderful to hold on to history and traditions...Your pictures captured it all so beautifully. Thank you for sharing :)

  5. I love the photos! What a great way to spend the day and be a part of something so important

  6. I married a Boston boy with many memories of Fenway. He is watching a Red Sox game as I type this. Me, I am more interested in hearing John William's new 'Fanfare for Fenway' than the ballgame. (I happier being at Symphony Hall than Fenway -- that's just who I am.)

  7. really nice set, i felt like i was there with you!!

    i longed for a hot dog yesterday, just like the one you described, i talked about it in my entry.

    there is NOTHING like a hot dog at the ball park!!

  8. A hundred years...that's quite amazing in itself.

  9. Gorgeous! Our local ballpark (in San Diego) is something like 5% of the way to a centennial anniversary... ;)

  10. I adored the pictures!!! ...

    I loved Tiger stadium so much and my heart broke a little when Comerica replaced it. Don't get me wrong Comerica is a beautiful ball park.

    Anyway... GO TIGERS!!! Just sayin...

  11. What a great post, Adrienne! (I've always watched baseball on TV, but never been to a game.)
    Your love for your city and Fenway Park really shows.
    Have a good Sunday!

  12. These are great! My favorites are the empty seats and steps. There is something kind of magical about huge spaces we normally see filled with people when they are empty. I don't know...maybe it feels like I am "getting away with" something!