Thursday, May 17, 2012

After the Rain {Bigger Picture Moment}

And a cool breeze.
Crisp, fresh air teased the sheers as they danced easily in the morning sunlight.
Yes, sunlight.
Before my head left the pillow the light had worked its magic.
It seems trite, but oh how this dose of morning sun lifted my spirits!

Walking, breathing in fresh, dry, crisp air...and turning my face to the sky...
Perfect way to start the day!
This week's moodiness, that had perfectly mirrored our gray, rainy days, disappeared.
My perspective changed.
Suddenly the beauty that I'd strained to find on rain drenched leaves seemed even more beautiful.
And important.
There'd be no green, no leaves {no life!} without this rain....
Now that it was gone - had done its work - I appreciated it. Admired it, even.

And I had to laugh a little at myself.
Because we've seen it written - there are poems and quotes and {I'm sure} lots of blog posts about this.
There are such well known, spiritual truths here.
Obvious truths.
Repeated truths.
I mean...there's "nothing new under the sun"...right?
Yet I had, once again, bemoaned the rain. Wallowed in the gloominess of it.
Until there was sun. 
Until there was light to show me, to illuminate, all the good work that the rain had done.

Our darker days.
Our harder days.
When there is work being done.
When our souls are troubled, our characters are shaped, our minds are changed.
When anger grips us, or sadness overtakes us...or we are confused by all that life throws our way.
When there is work being done to us, or around us.
We forget. I forget. I forget how good it will be when the light shines again.
And my perspective changes.
And I understand.

So, today - I am grateful for the light.
The sun light, and His light.
And vow, again, to always strive to seek out His light.

Whatever the weather.

Sharing the simple moments that 
give us a glimpse of the bigger picture
as we navigate the day to day.
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  1. Thanks for your visit to my blog and your comments. Your photography is beautiful. That first shot of the sun beaming down in all of its glory is mind boggling. I always enjoy see leaves and blooms with water droplets on them. They are magical. Such a lovely post. genie

  2. Your photos are breathtaking... love seeing the raindrops on leaves... such beauty, even in the bits of dark!

  3. I love your posts! Every picture, every word. So beautiful!

  4. Beautiful photos and beautiful words! Thanks for the reminder to appreciate all that is around me :). I love that sun flare...the variety of colors in the sunbeams are glorious!

  5. Dear friend, I hope you always have His light in your life. Thank you for your good wishes :)

  6. i felt such a connection to every photo, every word. beautifully done!!

  7. We do need to focus on those brighter days.

  8. Fantastic photographs, unusual flowers. I am greeting

  9. Just lovely. Words and photos both, a simple but beautiful reminder.

  10. You know this is just what I needed to read this morning! Seeking the light no matter the weather. Thanks for the reminder. That photo of the drop falling took my breath away.

  11. Your photography is beautiful.
    I love that you wrote this. I always try to appreciate the rain, as gloomy as it can be as it foils sunshine funshine plans. I like to think of it as a cleansing, both for the Earth and for my piece of mind. Its always easy to make those rainy days, lazy snuggle up days. :)

  12. Adrienne. There is something about your photos and your words that always touch me. Beautiful.