Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dawn's Perfect Light {Bigger Picture Moment}

I woke up with the birds on Sunday.
Since the car needed gas, and I wanted to take a prayer walk,
I left the campsite in search of an open gas station.
And a place to walk.
When I asked the attendant for directions to a beach,
she said, "Oh you're really close" and gave me directions to the "boardwalk."

What I found 
{after a five minute drive and a few left turns} 
was nothing short of amazing.

Stretching over 1,000 feet in length, the boardwalk crossed over a creek
and through beautiful marsh land until it reached the dunes.
Dunes which gave way to a white sand beach.
The sea air was sweetened by the perfume of wild roses growing along the walkway.

And each and every plank of this walkway was engraved. 
I was alone.
Yet surrounded by the memories and love of hundreds and
thousands who'd walked in this place before me.
This was a beautiful place,
a soul nourishing place.

There was light on the horizon.

A light that rose higher, and shone stronger with each passing moment.

The beach warmed
and the dew began to dry.

The strength of the light burned off all the morning haze
and opened up a magnificent view.

I was warmed, and filled and dazzled by this light.

Turning to leave,
the sweet perfume of these wild flowers rose to meet me
and to accompany back across the marsh.

With the sun warming my back, 
and every sense awakened,
I journeyed towards my day.

Every sweet bloom and vibrant leaf held the light.

Stretched, reached, climbed towards that light.

 Flourished under the light.

I was reminded to turn, one more time...

...and lift my face towards the light. 

Easily the most wonderful boardwalk I've ever been on.

Simple BPM
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at Jade's Place today.


  1. Amazing photos, Adrienne! What a very special place.
    But, sadly, as I was reading your post and looking at the pictures, I couldn't help but be afraid for your safety. I find it so sad that fear (for me, anyway) has to play a part in something that should be nothing but beautiful.
    I can imagine that this was a breathtaking morning....

  2. And you have indeed reminded me to turn my face towards the light!
    This is so lovely. It restores the soul. I can't imagine how much my spirits would have lifted to come across such a peaceful place. Thank you for sharing.

  3. These pictures are so beautiful! What a wonderful moment!

  4. what a gorgeous place! And gorgeous pictures capturing the beauty. Creation is amazing, huh? Thanks for sharing this BPM. :)

  5. I can't get over the clarity and detail of the pictures, not to mention the colors!

  6. What a beautiful moment! The heavens and earth just cry out His wonders and how wonderful to have a moment like this so filled with the beauty of His creation.

  7. How wonderful that you got these moments to nourish your soul :) Love the pics.

  8. This post really reminds me of that saying "Not all who wander are lost." I'm so glad you wandered...and found yourself, among such beauty. What a lovely adventure!

  9. That looks like an amazing place for a walk! What a great place to find, perfect for a prayer walk.