Sunday, June 10, 2012

One of those perfectly beautiful days.....

"Summer afternoon - Summer afternoon....
the two most beautiful words in the English language."
Henry James

Simple Paper signs announced the town's
summer fun day around the pond.

Lots and lots of families joined in the fun!
When I first saw these pink clad fisher-women with their dad,
I thought, "Oh how cute. And they match their tackle box!"
Then I noticed the fishing pole was pink...
and I thought, "Now that's just Silly!"

The daddy geese are ever watchful and protective
in their Black and White splendor.

As for me...
here come the freckles!
I don't tan...I just get Spots.

These guys found a great way to Travel across the pond.

{and with the day's festivities, I noticed LOTS of ways to travel AROUND the pond!}

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  1. This is such a fun set. Pink fishing rods? What will they think of next? Love your travel collage and Daddy Goose is magnificent.

  2. Wow Adrienne...LOVIN the sparkle on that lake. Gorgeous!

  3. OMGodness lady... the pond shot is beautiful! I hear ya on the no tanning & freckles! Lovely set!!

  4. Great set! Love the goose picture!

  5. We were thinking the same way with the travel I think ;) Great set! And yes... A summer afternoon... beautiful indeed!!


  6. I just get spots too. Lol. Love all your around the lake shots. Makes wish summer would hurry up and arrive.m

  7. I love the father/daughters photo. A girl can never have enough pink!

  8. Fun set. Some great travel shots there and those Pink fishing poles, silly but cute.

  9. what a fun set, i just love how you fashion the prompts into a themed story!!

    the fisher girls were my favorite!! and the hubs "freckles" just like you!!

  10. Nice post! I love summer :)

  11. The last comment is husband didn't sign out of gmail ;)

  12. Looks like a fun day! LOVE the pink fishing poles. Lily has been asking for one of those. :D

  13. This is such a pretty setting. I can't say enough about pink fishing poles. I really enjoyed all your photos!

  14. What a beautiful way to spend a Saturday. Maybe if there were pink fishing poles when I was younger, I might have enjoyed it more! ;)

  15. Great set - love the perspective on spots.

  16. Looks like a fun day for everyone!