Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Oregon {Bigger Picture Moment}

"There is nothing like returning to a place that  remains unchanged 
to find the ways in which you  yourself have altered."  
Nelson Mandela

There is an expanse of the sky that floats above a valley that holds my Oregon "home".

I have known the joy of visiting Central Oregon for a week or so every year for about thirty years. And this time tomorrow, I will, once again, be settling in for a nice, long stay. It's been three I am eager. I am ready!

My husband's parents live in a lovely home built on a rim rock. This home has a deck...with a view. A magnificent view of a beautiful river valley. Since we began visiting this particular place I've lived in two different countries, four different towns and six different houses. I've changed professions, watched two kids learn to drive, and seen them graduate from high school and head off to find their own lives. Last year, my daughter got married! So, as life has sped along and often felt tumultuous, this expanse of sky is always there to remind me that the essential pieces of my life remain unchanged.

The first time I read Mandela's quote I thought of this place that has become so very important and special to me. It is a haven. A place to sit, walk, talk, meditate....regroup. It quiets the noise and sharpens my awareness that those things I hold most dear (my faith and my family) remain strong. And it awakens in me a sense that I am growing ~ not stuck (as the day to day might sometimes suggest)...growing closer to God and to those I love. And growing to know, accept and love myself more and more....

There really is nothing like returning to this place!


  1. I think we need those unchanging places to remind us that while we evolve and life changes, as you said, some things, too, remain the same. I hope you have a beautiful time, Adrienne!

  2. That quote does seem so perfect. It always used to make me sad returning to a place I expected to be the same, only to realize that I was the one that changed. Now, I embrace it. Have a great time!!

  3. It's nice to be able to take comfort in something so consistent. I cringe every time my parents talk about moving away from my childhood home. It hasn't happened yet, but I can't help but wonder what will happen to all the memories. I've been out on my own for over 10 years and when I visit I still say, "I'm going home."

  4. I hope you have a wonderful trip! Oregon looks beautiful... I've always wanted to go, but have yet to make it to the west coast :)

  5. We all need a place like this!
    (Sorry I haven't been visiting recently. This summer has been so busy. Up early this morning, trying to catch up on my blog reading!)

  6. I hope that you enjoy the trip! There's something so comforting about that kind of familiarity.

  7. Oh Adrienne, you deserve a trip full of delight. And I pray that you get a lot of wonderful rest and inspiration that will move you into complete comfort and joy.

  8. you look like you're near me :)

  9. Oh wow, this hits close to home, as I'll be returning to CA in a couple of months, after two years away. That Mandela quote is one I should try to remember.

    I hope you have a fantastic time in Oregon - that place really does sound magical and restful!