Sunday, August 12, 2012

Oregon ~ Day Ten

"You aren't wealthy 
until you have something money can't buy."
Garth Brooks

We have spent ten days celebrating family.
Doing the things we love the most together.
And sharing new adventures.
We have a few more days.
And I'm feeling very, very wealthy.

Walton Lake: Brought to you via Instagram.
We spent a great day enjoying this small mountain lake....ahhhh!

A weeeeeee wittle worm...Hanging by a thread!

So many butterflies.
Such pretty wild flowers.
Can't help but Look on the Bright Side 
surrounded by such prettiness!

A Collage of Family Fun.
A Collage of Beloved Faces.

Where we recover from our days of
and all sorts of outdoor activity.

Joining Tabitha for Sunday Citar
and Ashley for Scavenger Hunt Sunday


  1. Wow, great images! Looks like you've had an amazing holiday! Really like the last two, there's just something about them.

  2. Adrienne, you indeed are rich beyond measure. Prayers for continued rest and refreshment amid these treasures.

  3. Gorgeous pictures!! You're making me miss Oregon!

  4. Your Home photo made me laugh....looks like fun! That lake is beautiful.

  5. Great set. Looks like everyone is enjoying a great time together.
    Loved your Always Look on the Bright Side shot and the Mobile shot of the lovely lake.

  6. Beautiful creative shots, along with your "writing in beautiful color". What a God given talent..
    Maybe someday, I can return to OR - miss it - part of my special memories at age 73.. But, I'm predjudice, Jan is my best part. Maybe someday, you can capture her also in living color... TYSM and God Bless... barb, from WI..

  7. looks and sounds amazing!!

    that is one gorgeous lake!!

  8. The photos are great once again. How about that little worm?!

    The image of everybody recovering from the adventures just looks like so much fun!

  9. I love "collage" Looks like so much love and fun!

  10. So glad you're having a great trip and spending wonderful time with family. That first picture is breathtaking!