Saturday, August 4, 2012

Oregon ~ Day Three

"The world is full of magic things, 
patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper."
W.B. Yeats

Today we went for a hike at Smith Rock State Park.
Some folks hiked to the top...others {like me!} hiked the river trail at the bottom
Places like this transport me ~ remind me of Gods strength, majesty and power.
Looking at this place I stand in awe of His creativity!
Places like this take me BACK IN TIME, 
and help me put the few years that I have on this earth in the perspective of all time... 

While climbing {slowly} back out of the gorge,
I paused to take photos like this...
 and this....
 and this ~ JUST FOR ME.

The BEST PART OF THIS DAY was sharing it with family.
Walking together, talking together...sweating together...gasping for air together.
{I think you get the picture!}

It was ninety-something degrees so finding shade along the path was heavenly!
In degrees, stepping into the shade made - literally - a NIGHT AND DAY difference! Whew!

I confess that it was hard to LOOK UP and walk at the same time...
and looking up was actually dizzying in places because the rock face was so steep.
But...look up a lot we did!
And this might just be my favorite photo from the day - as my camera and I looked up together.

Those that made it to the top had the best view of the beautiful, snow capped, Cascade Mountains.
My view from the top of the gorge...and the bottom of the rock...wasn't bad either!

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  1. Beautiful pictures Adrienne! We're heading down to Oregon in 2 weeks to the coast. Enjoy your family time in God's country! Love, Kelly

  2. Wow, Adrienne, you have a beautiful way with words and the way you have woven this little story together with words and pictures is so very appealing.

  3. Just beautiful and breathtaking photos!!

  4. Beautiful! What a great way to spend the day...surrounded by beauty and your family.

  5. Gorgeous photos! Looks like a wonderful time!

  6. What a gorgeous hike! Love how you fit the hike into the prompts!

  7. Your photos and commentary are beautiful. Your comments about being on this earth such a short time, remind me of us being at the Acropolis in Athens,oh so many years ago, and talking about the song "Dust in the Wind" - all we are is dust in the wind.

  8. Beautiful! Reminds me a lot of Colorado.

  9. I love what you wrote alongside the pictures. This post flowed together so nicely. I am glad you got to go hiking and you were able to enjoy your day. Fantastic!

  10. Love these photos! Makes me want to go there!

  11. gorgeous images adrienne, of a magical place!!

    you always do an awesome job with the hunt!!

  12. I'm living your vacation through your photos. They are so amazing. I hope you are having an amazing time.