Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Joy of Favorite Photos

Focusing the eyes of my heart
Until, through my lens, I see
Nothing but the wonder I feel.

{Special thanks to Alita whose post at Paper Heart Camera inspired me to 
take the time for special dates with my camera when I was on vacation!}

Sharing my Bigger Picture Moment at Hyacinth's today.
And Linking up at Melissa's for Six Word Friday.


  1. Pretty photos and beautiful, serene moments! No words needed to convey what a wonderful time you must be having!

  2. my heart skipped a beat as your page loaded. butterflies and purple, it was difficult for me to "scroll" away!!

    believe it or not, my 2 favorites were the fishing images!!

    you take photographs as beautifully as you write. my earlier comment about your writings was a complement, i hope you know that!!

  3. I love the idea of looking through the lens with the eyes of your heart. :)

  4. These all are fabulous. I love that you saw the image in the sunglasses and knew it was a treasure to capture. The insect shots amazed me.

  5. Looks so serene! That first capture is amazing. And I love the fishing photo. Beautiful.

  6. Just gorgeous photos, Adrienne! I can see why they're among your favorites. Thanks for sharing!