Wednesday, September 26, 2012


The breeze beckoned me. She teased me as I stood at my sink scrubbing the grimy oven racks. She invited herself right into my kitchen, tenderly kissing my cheeks and playing with the untethered wisps of my hair.  “Remember what you promised yourself yesterday? That long walk? You were going to bring that fancy camera of yours with you and take the time to spoil yourself. Remember?”

Of course I remember, I countered…to no one in particular. To the breeze. To myself. I glanced at the clock on the oven and started to calculate how much time I could allow myself for this walk without ignoring the to do list that was running on a loop in my mind. Ok, I bargained. I’ll finish cleaning the oven, and then give myself an hour…

As I was calculating, a glimmer of light caught my eye. Turning back towards the breeze, I lost sight of the clock and fixed my gaze on the tree covered hillside that stretches beyond our back yard. Another glimmer. A flicker. The sun had partnered with the breeze and they were putting on quite a show. As the leaves surrendered gracefully to the gentle wind, the sunlight caught them from every angle. They fluttered and sparkled as they danced for me. “Look at us! Do you think you can capture this with your lens?”

Just do it. Just go. You’ll feel better after you walk. You did make a date with your camera. Your to-do list deadlines are self imposed. Let them go

Water off. Sneakers on. I grabbed my camera and took off towards the pond.

Less than ten minutes later I was watching a small red maple leaf float across the water. The shutter clicked. A duck floated by, along with a yellow leaf. Click. Click. Yes. This is good. But I better keep moving. I started up the hill unaware that a blue heron had just landed in the top of a tree and was waiting there to pose for me. How exhilarating! The right lens and perfect timing. I clicked away, lingering for at least thirty minutes with my winged subject. In spite of this great gift, that list was still nagging at me, telling me to hurry on. I heard its “tsk-tsk” as I turned down the path and autumn's new face appeared all around me, begging for her turn in front of the lens. Which leaves? Which fading plants? Focus up towards the sky or out towards the water? There just weren't enough hours to capture it all.

And then, there it was. Another glimmer of light. More subtle, more divine than the one that had pulled my eyes from the clock back in the kitchen. A small pine, tucked in the woods, with a beam of sunlight caressing the end of a bough. Follow the light. Just the whisper of a notion that swept through my mind like a tornado, carrying with it every last barrier.

I yielded.

And spent the rest of a perfect autumn afternoon following the light around my pond.

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  1. Such a beautiful trip, and so beautifully captured! (Love the edits to the beginning, by the way. Definitely snappier, and brings you right in to the moment and the internal battle.) Lovely!

  2. Your pictures capture every last bit of what Fall in New England feels like! Just gorgeous. To do lists must be thrown to the side when there is such beauty to behold :)

  3. Oh my...these photos are a breath of fresh air. Absolutely stunning. I'm so glad you took captive these moments to find the beauty in those glimmers of sunlight.

  4. autumn's new face appeared all around me...a gorgeous write, Adrienne. I loved walking with you, so vivid. This is a new favorite. You also captured how as moms and women we always feel guilty to take that time to ourselves. I am happy you did.

  5. She may have mocked you, but you captured that glimmering water and those ducks most magnificently. I love what this turned into, and I adore seeing the pictures that go with it. Absolutely gorgeous, Adrienne! {Just like you.} :-)

  6. Wow, love that first shot...truly a "glimmer" of light.

  7. I'm so glad you surrendered to the glimmer outside your window that day. I saw the photos of the heron and just about fell off my chair. They were breathtaking, just like all your photos. I so desperately want to climb through the computer and feel that breeze and touch the water with you.

    Thanks for the glimmer of nature through your eyes today, I so needed it as I stare at my boring office. :-)

  8. Your photos are just breath-taking. I feel like I should turn off my computer, go outside, breathe the fall air, and marvel at the sunlight for awhile. In fact, I think I just might...

  9. I have such a hard time throwing the to do lists away but I am always so glad I did!

  10. Love these photos, too.
    Especially the sunbursts on water.
    Very cool.
    It's amazing that you keep up with two blogs!

  11. I am so glad you gave in to that urge. Look at the beauty you found. The light like diamonds, better than diamonds to a girl like me. There is a lake nearby that I simply have to spend some time at. You've inspired me.

  12. Autumn in New England, it looks breathtaking! And those diamonds in the water, spectacular!

  13. Oh, my. They're all great, but the one of the ducks is amazing.