Saturday, September 29, 2012

Here's to Good Friends...

We have a little autumn tradition...
Grab some good friends, and head to Parkers.
It's a barn-turned-restaurant in the woods of Southern New Hampshire.
It was a must do today because a good friend and his daughter were in town...
So we laughed and told stories...shared hugs
and watched the little girls play.

 There was plenty of Yellow
as the leaves are really starting to turn.

 The big trees are Getting Ready to show off...
giving us hints of the bold colors that are coming.

 The reds and oranges are brighter than bright!

We found Teeny Tiny critters crawling in the woods...
much to the delight of the two little ones.

Times like these are all about Connections.
Renewing them.
Building them.
Rejoicing in them!

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  1. Beautiful! Love the fall colors!

  2. Beautiful, such gorgeous vibrant colours. I love teeny tiny and connections!

    Herding Cats

  3. Gorgeous photos, Adrienne! We're weeks away from the fall colors here. I can just "feel" the friendship in your post today.

    (Sorry not to have visited much recently. Still spending a lot of time at my in-laws as MIL recuperates. Hope to be back to a normal schedule soon. I miss my blogging buddies!)

  4. These are beautiful! Love the fall foliage!

  5. Oh my word- all the fall colors. So pretty!

  6. Your trees are so pretty, and so are those little cutie pies!

  7. I do so love Fall. Beautiful captures of the season. Great job!

  8. Oh, i love this! You got some great shots of our girls and the leaves. Thanks :) So, so wish I had been there. xo

  9. Love the fall foliage! Love the little ones :) so good to spend time with friends and doing what we love doing.

  10. What lovely photos and the stories that go with them!

  11. Wow the Fall colors in your post are fabulous.
    Loved your Bright and the Teeny Tiny with that Fuzzy caterpillar.
    Conncections was adorable.

  12. Fabulous captures! esp. love the caterpillar and the girls!! cute on that bench! =)

  13. All of those colors look so amazing! It looks like you definitely had a great time with friends.

  14. Exceptional, you alway amaze me with your sh images and stories. How you tie the words and pictures together!