Wednesday, September 12, 2012


A holy place.
A place of refuge.

I spent a lot of time this summer sitting on this deck in Oregon. Reading, thinking, breathing in the juniper scented air. In this place I experience sanctuary...I'm in a safe, holy place of refuge. I am home.
One morning, as I was enjoying the "zen" that comes when I settle into this place, I suddenly knew that I needed to LIVE in a place that cared for me like this place. I knew that my house needed to become more of a home. More of a personal sanctuary.

That was the beginning of August. When I returned from vacation, life picked right back up and I quickly let the business drown out any thoughts of changing our space. I mean, we just live in a little rental. With a kitchen full of appliances that date back to the 1980's! We're on a busy street, with very limited resources... and the kinds of things I can imagine {insert mental image of those song inducing laundry rooms pictured on Pinterest} I would never invest the time or money to do to this temporary home.

Then came this: #PROJECTdecor
A blogging friend {Mrs.Tabitha Blue aka Fresh Mommy} proposed a month of Cleaning Clutter, DIY Love and Fab Giveaways! A bunch of us are connecting via Instagram with the hashtag PROJECTdecor and sharing our ideas and DIY creations!
And I knew that the hopes that were born on that deck in Oregon were going to become REAL!
I was going to pay attention to my home. I was going to get rid of the "stuff" I don't like...and create a space that pleases me. And I was going to do it by simplifying. By using what I already have...and by crafting my way to a more "zen" environment.

Over the weekend this happened:

Lists were made. And the cleaning began.
Yesterday my workshop space got my attention.
Tonight I rearranged all the furniture in the living room...and visualized it with new curtains.
Yes, money will be spent on new curtains.
And I'm going to start bringing some plants into this place....and learn how to take care of them!

Today's moment of Zen brought to you by:

"There is no sanctuary of virtue like home."
Edward Everett

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  1. I love the idea of this project. We own our apartment but since we know we won't stay in France forever it feels like a rental. I really need to invest more time. If you figure out how to take care of plants please let me know! ;)

  2. I need. to. do. this!!! Like right now I need to do this. But here I am online. But your story is PUSHING me to do this. I need to do a project just like this.

    Thank you for the inspiration!


  3. You might have just inspired me to tackle a few problem areas around here today... thank you :)

  4. This is so much like the William Morris project I have been doing throughout the year. Not only does home become a comforting sanctuary, but your contentment with what you have soars. I wish you well in your undertaking.
    That last photo is warm and wonderful!

  5. I'm seated in my "office" - aka, the nook in the corner of our spare bedroom - looking at the clutter of unfiled papers and random junk from the around the house. This is where I do my writing. It SHOULD be my sanctuary! But I've made it my dumping grounds. I'm officially abandoning my afternoon agenda to clean up this space. Thank you for the inspiration!!

  6. Sometimes it takes very little to transform a space!

  7. I love projects like this! And I totally understand what you mean about living in a temporary space and why invest in something that's not really yours? Except that it IS yours, for the time that you have it anyway, and it is satisfying to make a place your home.

    And it's amazing what a fresh coat of paint or a little reorganizing will do to turn an object or a corner into a little space that brings you joy to look at.

    Your space looks lovely! Good luck with your project!

  8. I always feel SO good when my spaces are inviting and clear of clutter. Sadly, DIY and craftiness are not my forte -- but CLEANING, is :) Well, when I put my heart into it.

    You're helping me put my heart into it. I want to have a SPACE that is fresh and calm and mine. To do...

  9. And in the aftermath, there is clearing of not only space, but mind matter and heart, too. I'm in desperate need of such clearing, of such peace restored to my spaces. Thanks for inspiring me. I hope the project continues to bring you what you need most.

  10. it is such a soul cleansing experience - out with the old - in with the new ;)