Friday, September 7, 2012

Six Word Friday ~ First

That first step was the toughest.
My head full of what ifs...
My heart's memory imprinted with endings
that persuade me to pull back,
give up, give anything
but begin. Anything but reach out.

But start I did. I wrote.
Then I took a breath, and
hit "publish"... then hit it again. 
350 times. No pulling back, no
giving up. Just sending my heart
and thoughts and dreams and fears 
out there into our shared blogosphere.

Today you join me for another
first. We're linking up here today!
Taking this first step was easier.
Because you're all here. You've listened,
heard, commented and invited me in.
And we'll continue to create and
share ~ six words at a time!

My Memory Art

Your turn!


  1. I'm glad you hit publish! I love coming to your blog and feeling refreshed and inspired!

  2. Thanks for letting me know about this fun link up!

  3. You are so good at what you do! It's so hard to imagine there was eer any hesitation! Thanks for writing so honestly and beautifully and sharing do many amazon memories! And for encouraging me to try!!! So excited about you having a link up ;)

  4. Thank you for keeping the amazing six words community going :)

  5. Happy you hit publish :) Congratulations and thank you for continuing Six Word Fridays :)

  6. I echo Melissa. I'm glad you took the steps to do it. You've inspired my heart and my mind. :-)

  7. I'll try again next week. I got a "not invited" message last night.

  8. BEAUTIFUL!!!!! The words, the feelings. Love it all, i love that it's real. :)


  9. Yes! Great post, Adrienne. Love that vintage photo of the computer screen!

  10. I enjoyed reading your long 6 words. It feels so poetic. :)

  11. Doing something for the first time is always the worst. Thankfully practice makes it easier (sometimes). Thanks for taking this over!