Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday Morning

My husband and I took a walk.
The air was crisp and the sky went from bright blue to soft gray.
The leaves.
Oh the leaves.
Turning, falling, dancing...
putting on a wonderful show for us.

But I think it was the statues...
so still
so serene
standing tall
bowing gently
through years
and hundreds of seasons
I think it was the statues that really caught my eye
and touched my heart.

So happy to be sharing these shots
with Rachel and friends
and  then, she {snapped}
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  1. these are great. I love the middle one with the red leaves the best. Gorgeous!

  2. These colors are just magnificent!

  3. These are absolutely stunning...they take my breath away. Thank you for sharing! There's just something about statues that I love...

  4. What lovely images! The statues bring a sense of calm and peace to the photos.

  5. Adrienne! Fabulous shots. Love that you found the flame because I kept thinking how the leaves looked ablaze. I am so drawn to old cemeteries so these were right up my alley.

  6. I love these, Adrienne. I haven't been to the cemetery yet this fall. I better go during the next week while the leaves are in peak.

  7. Autumn sure has arrived! Happy you had time for a peaceful walk, with the hubs, your images are beautiful!

  8. Wow, those statues really are amazing.

  9. I love these Adrienne. The last one is my fave; she is so perfectly framed by those stunning leaves.

  10. Beautiful ! Thank you for sharing.

  11. What a beautiful cemetery! Where is it located?

  12. so peaceful! I love the statue of the woman and her guardian angel. great composition. awesome eye. happy Wednesday :) xxo