Thursday, November 8, 2012


I didn't want to be awake.
We were off by ourselves in a hotel room with a free Saturday morning stretching before us.
My plan had been...sleep. Then laziness and a little more sleep.

But I woke up early.
And there was sky, and sun, and light.
I just had to watch, to be a part of the dawning of this day.
It seemed more restful to soak in the the moment, to take in the light....then to sleep.
Quiet meditation came easily, and was more restorative than laziness could have ever been.

There is a peace that comes when I let the day carry me,
instead of trying to carry the day.
And I was grateful for that peace.

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  1. I love that phrase, letting the day carry us.. lovely.

  2. I can HEAR the silence in your photos. Such a peaceful emtion they evoke.

  3. I love sky photos...thanks for sharing!

  4. love these big, bold, beautiful pictures!!

    would it be possible to sleep through this.....

  5. these images are beautiful. Sometimes the day just calls to us.

  6. Beautiful pictures and wonderful words - Thank You!

  7. Let the day carry me instead trying to carry it....

    Food for thought. I need to do that more often.

  8. lovely pictures and thoughts - somehow makes me want to go back to sleep :)

  9. Oh those pictures are so gorgeous!! I love that quiet at dawn, before the world wakens.