Friday, November 30, 2012


Simplify says the voice within. Simplify.

Lists can be made, and checked.
Cards can be mailed, lights strung,
stockings hung...carols can be sung.
I can remember the reason or
get caught up in the season.
Buying, trimming, stuffing, wrapping - even laughing!
Inside I'm baking, outside it's flaking...
Before I know it - resolution making.

The crowd is loud, the ads
bombard me, and still my goal
is lofty ~ past traditions kept, new
traditions made. Mind's a-whirling, time's a-swirling...
and the voice within grows dim.

Until...I remember wise words from
days gone by....a Somerset Maugham
quote that lives in my heart.

"Tradition is a guide and not a jailer."

So, as November becomes December, I
set myself free. I take a
deep breath - so happy to be
gently led through the holidays by
familiar traditions...all the while listening
to that voice. My voice. Simplify.

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  1. I love that line, "tradition is a guide". Beautiful post!

  2. Nice poem, Adrienne!

  3. Great quote and beautiful post :)

  4. what a beautiful enrty!!

    love the image!!