Saturday, December 8, 2012


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Be who you are,
tall or small.
Be who you are,
Be who you are...

It was a Saturday, a few weeks before Christmas...I think I was in tenth grade. The perfume counters were bedazzled, over sized ornaments dangled from the department store ceiling and, to any onlooker, I was a regular kid out shopping with her girlfriend. I probably was a regular kid - I just never, ever felt like one! Though I don't remember what we were so fervently discussing, I do remember my friend saying, "That's easy, just be yourself." Those two words - be yourself - always stopped me in my tracks. I hated that expression. If memory serves, I responded with something like, "If only I had the slightest idea of who that was!"

Growing up, the good girl in me always won. I said what was expected, did what was expected. Always. Until I knew what someone else thought or felt, I found myself on edge, on guard. I'm sure we all have bits of this in us...but it's taken me a good thirty years to grow up. Grow out of this uncertainty. Grow into myself.

It's nice to sit quietly on a Saturday morning, by myself....and feel like I'm in good company. It doesn't matter that it took years to find the emotional freedom to learn who I am...accept who I am....and {hold on to your hats!} actually like who I am. The timing of it all just isn't important to me any more...because what ever path it's taken in life to find me...well, I've been worth the wait!

Be who you are,
tall or small...
Learn who you are,
Accept who you are,
cracks and all...
Grow who you are -
this, above all!

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  1. Nice photo and I like the reading too!
    Have a great day!

  2. So great! Thank to for sharing this part of yourself, I agree that we all do have bits of this in us and it's good to be reminded to learn and love who we are. Enjoy your very beautiful indoor rainy Saturday!


  3. Wow ! The composition is great and the post treatment give such a nice warm touch to the picture... Nice choice for the week !

  4. I totally feel like I'm growing up still and learning about who God made me to be and beginning to like who I am becoming through grace. I can relate, and I hope I can come to a beautiful place of acceptance and embrace like you have. Inspiring!

  5. beautiful reflections and reflections:-)

  6. I was the exact same growing up. Sometimes I'm still trying to find who "myself" is, but at least I'm more comfortable in my own skin.