Saturday, February 16, 2013

Photo Challenge: Silver/Treasure

For the first time, this past fall, I participated in a photography challenge co-sponsered by Kristi at live and love out loud and Rebecca at Bumbles and Light. The challenge, which they call Nurture Photography, brings the participants together around a theme, introduces us to wonderful photo bloggers and teaches us many things along the way! Most of the photos I've taken for the challenge have been nature shots. {I might have misread the name of the challenge....and thought it was nature photography the first time around. Maybe..} For this week's challenge - Silver/Treasure - I was a bit stumped....until I started to notice little glimpses of silver that surround me daily in my office.

I work for a Construction Management company. 
When I need to get results {or sound like I have real authority} I call myself an Office Manager.
I'm a secretary - a 'go-for' - doing what ever needs doing.
Sometimes I'm wrapping gifts.
There are errands.
And lots of phone and computer time.

We have the ordinary office stuff - filing cabinets, staplers, discs and clips.

And lots of industry specific stuff...
Racks to hang drawings, door hinges, corner guards, and hundreds of keys - all kinds of keys.

Since my boss is originally from Texas we also have silver spurs and lassos.
No office is truly complete without them!

When I leave the office in the winter it's pretty dark outside.
So I'll add a slice of the silvery moon.
Just because.

Nurture Photography Challenge Winter 2013
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  1. well i'm sure you are very important to many!! a good office "person" does anything & everything & is so valuable.

    your images are so pretty, ordinary stuff, photographed in an extraordinary way!!

  2. I love how you made all the ordinary things around us we ignore eye catching!

  3. i was thinking the exact thing as the two lady's comments above me! you did an amazing job making ordinary items around an office beautiful works of art!! and i am in love with that moon photo!!

  4. I just love your "slice of silvery moon". Beautiful images! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. I had to pull myself together in order to fully appreciate your wonderful take on the silver. When I first read this I thought you said your job title was
    "secretary-a-go-go" and it just struck me so funny! Guess I see you as quite hip!

  6. I love your take on the Silver/Treasure theme! I love that you found inspiration around your office. I often find inspiration in the everyday ordinary things in and around my home.

    Thanks so much for joining us in the Nurture Photography Challenge. I'm playing catch-up this weekend. Sorry for stopping by so late!