Saturday, February 9, 2013

Photo Fun for Scavenger Hunt Sunday!

This Thursday {Valentine's Day} marks the 30th anniversary of the day my husband asked me to "go steady" ~ yes, he officially asked, with a card and a pretty bracelet. And I said yes! For today's Scavenger Hunt {since I'm feeling romantic and nostalgic}I started with a photo of this watercolor that hangs on my dining room wall. I commissioned a local artist to paint "our" church for us when we got married. It's one of my favorite treasures.

Using the photo, I played around....edited....did some digital scrapbooking...Just had some fun responding to today's artsy prompts! Enjoy!

"The Small Things"
Our wedding story is told in the small details of the painting.
The clock is set to the time of our ceremony - and our names, the date and the place are all included.

"Window Beauty"
We chose this church because it is so typically and beautifully 'New England' in style.
I adore these simple white churches.
No need for stained glass...the light giving windows line both sides of the sanctuary.

So pretty as an ink drawing...
reminds me of the sketches my father {the architect} did of all his buildings.

"Work of Art"
I had fun with this - adding some then and now photos and creating a digital scrapbook page.
{might have to actually print this!}

Song lyrics from our ceremony.
And bokeh hearts.
Who could ask for anything more!

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Scavenger Hunt Sunday


  1. Very nicely coordinated theme and photos. Have a blessed Sunday.

  2. Just perfect, Adrienne! I love what you did with the painting for today's post. I can imagine how that painting would be a treasure to you!
    It's a beautiful church.

  3. Happy anniversary! Hope you came through Nemo okay! I am out soon to trek to the gym and survey the roads!

  4. Happy Steadyversary!! I love how you coordinated the whole post around a theme.

    You were certainly a very forward looking woman commissioning that painting. What a great idea.

  5. Very creative use of one inspiration for your SH :)

  6. Congratulations on 30 years - and what a beautiful painting! I especially love that the clock is set to the time of your ceremony :)

    Stopping over from SHS!
    Meg @

  7. Wonderful details in this painting..I wish you many many more anniversaries. Sweet and perfect.

  8. Happy Valentines Day and happy anniversary of "going steady"! What a great idea about having that painting done. Wish I'd have thought of that :). Thanks for sharing it this week.

  9. a beautiful church, a handsome couple!!

    i am sure that watercolor is a forever treasure!!

  10. what a fun post. love the way you used one theme to capture all your SHS words. I think you are the second blog I've visited that has done that this week. what an incredible way to document your wedding - especially having the church clock set to your wedding time.

  11. Very creative set. You did a fantastic job using the photo to capture all of the prompts. It's a lovely church, you were a beautiful bride and it's a very sweet portrait of you & hubby's lives. Happy Anniversary!

  12. Beautiful church and wonderful idea to have it commissioned to commemorate your wedding. I really like the collage with pictures of you and your husband. Very nice.

  13. I am amazed that you managed to get all the prompts from one painting! It is very clever, and it is wonderful that it has such meaning for you.

  14. That is just the sweetest thing ever! You don't look like you could have been married that long...were you 3 when you married?