Thursday, April 18, 2013

Choosing Green

It's different this time. 
Not for those directly in the path of the terror - I have no idea what that's really like.
Not for their families and loved ones...
It's not different for those directly affected by horrors like the bombing on Monday.
But it's been different this time for me. The same shock and horror and profound sadness that haunts us all in the aftermath of such frightful events has, yet again, taken root in my heart. We grieve with those who grieve and struggle to press on. To stand strong.
Boston strong.
It's different this time because Boston is home. And the many, many seeds of "could have been" continue to scatter across the soil of my imagination. Could have been these people standing right there. Could have been this other place, or that other corner. These "could have been" seeds, if allowed to take root, will grow up into fear and anxiety. I'm rattled - feeling unsettled, upside down. Scared. And I really don't like it.

So, in an effort to calm my fears, I'm choosing green. I'm focusing on new life. I'm wandering in open spaces, under blue skies - listening to birds and inviting the "this is my now" breeze to blow away those "could have been" seeds before they have a chance to grow roots. Because my now - for now - is safe.

 Walk with me.

"....whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right,
whatever is pure,
whatever is lovely,
whatever is admirable - if anything is excellent or praiseworthy -
dwell on these things"
Philippians 4:8

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  1. So so so well said. It's the it really coud have been....thoughts that get me. But Boston strong. That is what is keeping me going. SO proud to call this city my home.

  2. LOVE your photos! You've captured such elegance in these nature shots. Gorgeous!


  3. Love this and yes, we are on the same wavelength! Those seeds of fear can be so strong at times. I think we all know that you never know. That's hard to grasp, and make peace with at times. But, I think God calls us to live courageously and if we sow the seeds of fear...we stop living.

  4. a heartfelt entry, filled with gorgeous images!!

    surround yourself with beauty and love right now adrienne, you really need it!!

  5. In the midst of chaos and clarity- green is the perfect color to concentrate on!


  6. I am really moved by how well the photos illustrate the sentiment. Dwell on what is right in front of you as opposed to what could have happened. And there-- what is in focus is the beauty of new life, a new season. The backgrounds are impossible to make out , fuzzy, because they aren't the point just now. What is important now are all those wonderful signs of life.

    What a gift you have, my friend!

  7. So often your pictures speak more than a thousand words, but your words today are just perfect too. So well said.

  8. New life...rooted...hope...
    Such a powerful post my friend.
    Know that we are all thinking and praying for you in Canada.
    PS. I don't know why they'd mess with Boston. You're bad asses and will rise above this.

  9. Beautiful words, and lovely captures.

  10. Adrienne,
    Your thoughts are so powerful and your pictures come from the heart.

    I agree; we must be able to stand strong and see the good and beauty around us.

    Our lives will always have some kind of hardship or pain. Our ability to see green will help us through our troubled times.

    Robyn ~

  11. Beautiful. Beautiful photos. And beautiful, powerful words. I love your message. It tugged at my heart strings a bit. We all need to choose to focus on the things that are filled with life and hope, particularly in light of such sadness. I wrote a similar post this week called, "I choose hope."

  12. Very well said. And that verse in the end was well picked. Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement. ...smiles...

  13. Very well said, I love that verse. Thanks for such a great reminder! My favorite picture is the red budding branch with the bright blue sky in the background.

  14. Very well said, I love that verse. Thanks for such a great reminder! My favorite picture is the red budding branch with the bright blue sky in the background.