Saturday, April 20, 2013

Face It

My house is about eleven miles from down town Boston.
And the office where I work? Well, it's about a mile from me...just that much closer to the city.
Neither my town, or the town where I work were on lock down this Friday.
But I was.
Self-imposed lock down.
I've had trouble sleeping all week - and by early Friday morning I was in mild panic-attack mode...for the first time in my life, felt too scared to leave my house. I hated the fear - even knew it to be irrational. But I was just stuck. Thankfully, I have a very gracious boss.
Once my husband had been home from work for a while, I was better. And when the manhunt was over, I was so relieved. And I have slept. 

"Not everything that is faced can be changed ~
but nothing can be changed until is is faced."
                                                    James Baldwin

I have watched people - hundreds and hundreds of people, all week long - face the threat that crippled our city head on. Without hesitation. And with the safety and well being of others their first priority and motivation. I have watched people run towards danger....face down whatever fear is present and do what needed to be done. I am in awe. And so grateful. And a bit ashamed. I will have to do some soul searching and, perhaps, face some things in myself that I'd rather not see...

But, for now, I'll share with you some of my favorite photos of my home city. I do love this place!


{this is the only shot from this week - blooms in the town squares, under the white steeples...flags at half mast}

"Warm and Fuzzy Autumn"


"Family - On and Off the Field" that dirty water
Boston, you're my home

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  1. Beautiful photos of a beautiful and strong city. You, too, are strong. Don't be ashamed of your fear. It shook me and I'm 300 miles away. You are Boston Strong!

  2. That first sky shot is amazing. I too like autumn colors...too bad I don't get any here where I am now. I miss them.

  3. I am enamored with your "fuzzy" shot. What a great interpretation, and a great capture and editing. You know, it shook me too. But I have to didn't scare me. It just totally p*ssed me off. I am getting sick and tired of these sickos who try to hijack our sense of safety. To heck with them. They will not beat us into submission. Boston Strong girl :)

  4. Your post has me with tears in my eyes.
    Know that there were those of us far from your side but at the same time right beside you fearing with you and for you.
    Boston has much to be proud of.
    All of your images are perfect!

  5. I can't imagine the anxiety experienced by everyone in Boston. It's unimaginable that people continue to hurt each other!
    Loved all your shots!! and Boston will continue to be one of my favorite places to visit.

  6. That what your wrote is love !

    You write beautifully and you take beautiful photos. There is love in every your photo from Boston ! The world today is very unsafe place. But we must have faith and hope. Otherwise we don't survive.

    Your family photo is cute.

    I wish you sunny spring days !

  7. You made Boston look wonderful. I don't blame you for being shaken, I think I would have a hard time too facing danger like that head on. Stay strong, things can only get better from here for you and your city.

  8. We must live close to each other. i am on the north shore. I loved reading your post and seeing your pictures this week...from one Bostonian to another. this is our city!

  9. Such strong images, Such a strong place. I love all of these, well done.

  10. Thank you for sharing your love of your hometown. Hopefully your nights will become a bit more restful.

  11. LOVE each and every one of these. Being 3 miles from Watertown was surreal and scary. I realized I hadn't breathed all week. So happy this is over and we can get back to living!

  12. I hope you feel better. I understand your feelings. xoxo

  13. Had you in my thoughts this week, Adrienne.
    Don't be too harsh on yourself. We're all made differently. I think you made a wise decision, and I'm glad you have an understanding boss.

  14. These are beautiful pictures, and I understand where you are coming from. I wondered myself if I could run into the danger like so many did. But there were also 'mother hens' out there helping people get away from the danger, and that is important as well. You are stronger than you think!

  15. Beautiful shots. Bostononians showed themselves to be made of pretty hard stuff this week.

  16. gorgeous images of your home. each is spectacular, but, warm and fuzzy is my favorite!!

  17. I can't even begin to imagine how the events of this past week must have felt to you. Just know that even though we are thousands of miles apart our thoughts and prayers were with you.

    Great set to showcase you love of you city.
    Each one was just wonderful.

  18. You should not be ashamed of how you were personally affected by the events of this week. There is no textbook way to deal with fear and never sell yourself short - if in a situation you would most likely help those immediately around you. Our daughter is in college outside of Boston with hourly bus transportation to and from MIT and a quick train/subway ride into downtown Boston. Even with that, we fretted over her safety throughout this terrorist attack - even after knowing she had not volunteered with the marathon this year and was secure in her dorm.

    You have presented some absolutely beautiful images of Boston.

    Take care and don't be too hard on yourself.

  19. Your gathering is so rich in color. Love it!

  20. Boston is one of my favorite cities in america. It will stay strong because the people there have such great big hearts and that my friend is what makes a town keep glowing. Good to hear you are okay!

  21. I love Boston, and was sick with what had transpired. Hoping you feel relaxed and safe again. We should never let two evil people put fear to our core like that again.

  22. Commenting again - because I was at Mt. Auburn yesterday and went "wait! I saw a picture of this view on the blog-o-sphere!"

  23. Love the skylines you have shared. I can't imagine being right in the heart of this past week. But, I understand fear. I hate how these things bring fear into our lives. And I hate how we have come to a point where these things are becoming more and more prevalent. I just keep trying to preach to myself that God is still in control.

  24. Love all the different views you shared. I'm sure it was a long week for you, I am sure everyone in Boston is ready to move forward again.

  25. </3 I had no idea that is where you are from. Glad you are ok and so glad for you, the city, the country, and the world, that they were caught. Sending love to you and Boston from Maryland!

  26. These are just beautiful photos of a great city! LOVE!