Monday, April 8, 2013

I Wonder

i wonder
watching them chat
two easy friends
at a window table on a sunny afternoon...

i wonder...
was it jumping rope
with skinned and knobbly knees
that first connected their
friend souls?

was it shopping for mini skirts
giggling about new, shapelier knees
that knit together their
friend hearts?

i wonder....

random freshman roommate?
the neighbor right next door?
have they been each other's 'person'
since their children were first born?
perhaps hers was the hand to hold -
knees bent, head bowed -
when ailing parents shared a hospital room...

as I watch and wonder,
I know it matters not 
or where
the seed
the precious seed of friendship
was planted

for it's a seed that knows no season
and looses track of time
plunging deeply
rooting itself in
two soils at once
asking very little
giving so very, very much

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  1. What gorgeous lighting! Wow!!

  2. How blessed it made me feel to read these words and be lucky enough to know their meaning. So special!

  3. Great sentiments. Do you watch Grey's Anatomy ? Your line about being your person reminded me of the special friendship between the characters played by Ellen Pompeo and Sandra Oh :) Love this!

  4. Great writing! Love it and the picture matches beautifully.

  5. Beautiful image! I love the light and your crop! Wonderful words to go with it!

  6. The light in this photo is stunning! I love the poem. I have a group of friends from grade school. We're like sisters. This poem captures what it feels like to be blessed with my friends!

  7. beautiful sentiments. Made me think of my visit w/my "bestie" (girlfriend for 45 years) last week!

  8. Oh that's sweet. And you're right; it matters not when that first seed of friendship was planted. Some develop over years; some in mere moments.

  9. Such a beautiful picture so fitting of a beautiful poem.

  10. The picture is amazing but I love your words. Great post.

  11. This is so, so beautiful. Wow. I love this.

  12. so sweet!! i love the image!!