Monday, April 1, 2013

In Between

The damp ground
gives way
as I wander.
My pace is slow, my eyes seek
signs of the season in my own back yard.

The birds above
serenade me
as I hunt.
Their rhythm is choppy, their melodies compete
as they taunt me - heard, but not seen.

The tiny buds
show themselves
as I focus.
Feet planted, crouching low and leaning in
I ask the camera to hold this moment.

This in-between-moment.
This moment
in between winter and spring;
in between young and old;
in between mother and friend;
in between doubt and faith.

The all-seeing lens
works magic,
defining this moment.
The buds that I sought came into focus, 
but it was
the lens that found the old, rusty fence, 
and caught the pure light.

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  1. You have such a way with words!
    Thanks for linking up!

  2. I love the depth of this photo (and your words).

  3. Wonderful narrative to go with your image -- that in-between time is magical and you have captured that!

  4. I love how the rusty fence reflects and balances the "buds on the brink." Welcome to Photo-Heart Connection!

  5. Such beautiful words to go with a beautiful photo! The light is gorgeous!

  6. Beautiful imagery. I love the juxtaposition of a rusty fence and pure light.

  7. Love, love, love the rusty fence.

  8. What a lovely poem, and a beautiful photo! A perfect pairing that evokes the loveliness of winter into spring.

  9. So beautiful, the light, the words, both have captivated my heart!

  10. Beautiful! Love the back-lighting.

  11. Love the rusty fence in contrast to the soft swollen buds waiting to burst open! An in-between moment!

  12. Beautiful words and image, welcome to PHC.

  13. Such a lovely post. The colours in your picture are wonderful

  14. It is going to happen. though it seems it never will, it does. You are ahead of me a bit-hopefully I won't be far behind.
    Nice to know that others search in their backyards for signs. I was out looking yesterday-and there just may have been a tiny "peek" of the daylillies on the backside of the garage-next to the lawn to be completely snow covered.

  15. I'm so glad to have you joining in with Photo-Heart Connection this month! Welcome to the community. I love what you wrote, "The all-seeing lens works magic, defining this moment." One of the most wonderful things about photography, I think. Lovely image and prose!

  16. Such beautiful words and photo, love it both.

  17. this is just beautiful andrienne, you sure can write!! how on earth can you make a rusty chain link fence look so beautiful?!?!

  18. A beautiful image and perceptive words to accompany it.

  19. Lovely photo, lovely writing, perfect title!

  20. stunning composition. love the way you captured that in between feeling both in words and image. the lines and the light are wonderful, as is the DoF. and isn't it great how our cameras can point out details and nuances we tend to overlook while focusing on a specific scene..... i love it when that happens