Thursday, April 11, 2013


Rooted in my first back yard
is an old Magnolia tree.
Small it was,
when small was I...
Now taller than the third floor roof
its branches faithfully announce
the thaw
the warmth
the next new beginning.

I've always loved that tree...
the way it peeked
into my brother's room
and gave shade to suppers
on the deck.

Yesterday I saw my first blooms of the season.
Not buds, but blooms!

As I crawled up inside the soft canopy
of the Magnolia tree
to capture pieces of its loveliness,
I planted my heart
in its sweet perfume
and rode the breeze 
toward home.

Joining my friends
for this week's
Bigger Picture Moment


  1. i can "feel" everything you say!!

    these are gorgeous!!

  2. Oh! I adore the last picture. I can't wait until we have magnolias bloom here.

  3. Oh those are SO beautiful! I don't often see magnolias, but they do remind me of plumerias, which we do have around here. Just love their simple, pure elegance and beauty!

  4. This is so lovely...and the color in that last one! Fabulous!