Thursday, April 25, 2013

Six Word Fridays ~ Flower Song

whisper to me your song of
spring...of petals soft, your bouquet
so sweet...whisper ~ i can hear.

as you sway, as you sigh,
breathe hints of your lilac, hidden
inside...just whisper ~ I am near.

ignore all the clamor, the din
and the rush, and sing gently
to me....whisper ~ i'll change gear.

serenade me. nurture me as you
color my world and remind me
to bloom....whisper ~ i'll not fear.

fill the air with tunes of
hope. soft staccato. tender trills. one
resounding chorus....whisper ~ bring me cheer.

oh lovely flower, whisper to me.
you are a hymn....a most
soothing melody. whisper. I can hear.

My Memory Art
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  1. You've found some beauties! This is the perfect season for a FLOWER prompt.

  2. This is so beautiful, Adrienne. The flowers pale in comparison to your words.

  3. Just lovely and mesmerizing!

  4. WoW.....stunning!! Gorgeous images, your words are as warming as the light in the images!!

  5. These pictures compliment your gorgeous writing. Lovely

  6. Such a beautiful song - and your captures of the flowers are simply amazing!

  7. Adrienne, I'm smitten! Thank you for stopping by to read Claire's post - I followed you over here and your photos and poetry are splendid. I can't find it again, but the post about your father's reflection in the mirror - Wow! So glad to have discovered this lovely blog!

    Grace and peace in abundance!

  8. Tender trills! ... Oh my. This was so softly spring. I love all your captures as well. Great post!


  9. So tender..the whispers..serenade me. nurture me as you
    color my world and remind me
    to bloom....whisper ~ i'll not fear...beautiful photographs and beautiful words. Happy Saturday to you. :)

  10. your flowers are so beautiful, so bright and cheery!! and your words are just as lovely.

  11. Wow those are amazing. Very beautiful!

  12. These are beautiful! Love the details in these large photos. And your words are so sweet and fit perfectly. Thanks so much for joining our Nurture Photography Challenge!

  13. Those white flowers are just beautiful! I love that little pop of color in the middle!

  14. Wonderful flower photos. Looks like we are about the same part of spring. Thanks so much for the visit.

  15. Beautiful words and I love the crop on the last one. xo

  16. Such gorgeous blossom, I love the delicate details you've captured!

    Thanks for taking part in the Nurture Photography Challenge :)

  17. Loved your flowers and prose! It made me fall in love with spring.

    Here's my link: