Thursday, April 4, 2013

Six Word Fridays: Wish

Oh how I wish our little
town was bursting forth with color.
I'm longing for a little glimpse
of yellow - my favorite springtime color!
I'd jump a fence for a 
forsythia bush...walk a mile for 
jonquils, tulips a crocus or a
darling daffodil. Truth is I'd even
settle for a field of dandelions!

To satisfy my longing, since Mother
Nature's in no rush, I reached
for my laptop and opened up
Pinterest! From there, a lovely wreath
I made...a yummy dinner too!
And best of all - a Peeps
dessert to dress my Easter table.

After all, this girl has gotta
do whatever it takes to get
some springtime yellow into her life!

{Peeps cake Pinspiration here}

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to "show off" my yellow!

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  1. Adorable wreath and chicks! I cannot wait for yellow daffodils. I may need to consult pinterest for spring inspiration, too!

  2. Love the Peeps chocolate cake! Our forsythia is blooming: If I could, I'd send some your way!

  3. love, love, love that peeps cake!! i see purple peeps!! great entry!!

  4. One of these days I'll get my craft on and make a pretty wreath. I love the one you made. It's so bright and cheery and welcoming. And the peeps cake - awesome. I have a ton of peeps and don't know what to do with them because no one eats them.

  5. Love your Easter!! That cake looks so delicious!! :)

  6. What a pretty wreath!

  7. Loving the Easter peeps cake! Brilliant! And it looks so yummy! Thanks so much for sharing your yellow with us this week! Have a great weekend!

  8. that wreath is so festive :)
    gotta love pinterest!!!!

  9. What a cute wreath, and I love the peeps cake! I have an strange affinity to those things. I don't really care to eat them, but I do love to photograph them ;-)

  10. Those turned out fantastic! LOVE pinterest. :)

  11. That cake is too fun! I bet it was so yummy :) Great captures.

  12. That is one seriously cute Spring wreath! I love Pinterest, but I swear it's a time warp. I go to look for one item and two hours later, I still haven't pinned what I originally came for!