Friday, May 31, 2013

Six Word Fridays ~ Love

it must be that we are
given life so that we can
learn how to love. don't you
think? we get to fall in
and fall out...we burn passionately,
protect fiercely and hold on faithfully.
we're tried, tested, teased and told
to doubt the possibilities. and yet,
we don't give up on love. 

my crew has never given up
on me. i am better equipped
to love because i have been
loved so well. i've known family ~
and been loved unconditionally and completely.

funny thing about love. it multiplies.
and it's layered. mysteriously and wonderously
layered. we need never tire of 
learning all about it, sharing it,
living it and letting it filter in.

tell me, which one of love's
many secrets will you uncover today?

My Memory Art


  1. Ahhh...such a wonderful family bond you have. You can really feel it in your words and photos!

  2. I love your poem, and your family photos are wonderful.

    I tried and tried to write something deep and meaningful. I used words like wondrously and mysteriously and transcendent.

    Then I gave up and wrote six words. Something went wrong with the image and I had to start over.

    Finally, I managed to write something -anything! And I even managed an image. (WP changed the way we use media - it takes me a while to get the hang of new things.)

  3. a wonderful collection of family photo's!!

    you can feel the love!!

  4. Love is everything . I love that you say you have been loved well, this is a true blessing :)

  5. Love that bottom picture! What a great family and LOVE that hat of yours! xo

  6. Several years ago I found a little plaque that says, "Happy childhoods last a lifetime." I tried to stay very intentional in providing a safe and happy childhood for my kids. Now that they are grown I see the love, unity, stability and mutual respect we all share and I know it is true.
    Those photos are proof positive of a life well lived, a life well loved.