Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Puppy Turns One

"Happiness is a warm puppy."
Charles M. Schulz

On this, the first long weekend of the summer, we were supposed to be on vacation.
But alas...we aren't those who camp in rainy, 45 degree weather.
So we had a puppy birthday party instead!

There was lots of good food
but the cake was the best part!
{this is the people cake...the puppy had his own}

Believe it or not, there was a candle to be blown out
and the sweet sound of silly folks singing Happy Birthday!

In between all the crazy fun
there were plenty of cuddles, and the caressing of the soft texture of puppy ears.

If there was anything that could make up for the drowned out camping trip...
it's this cuteness overload!

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  1. Lovely photos and that cake is so cool !!! I sure your dog ate delicious food too and was enjoying your company !

    my summer photos, have a look :)

  2. So cute and so fun! And seriously, what up with this weather!?!

  3. I am sure that the pup enjoyed every minute of being the center of attention. Very nice photo set to commemorate the event. Have a blessed week-end.

  4. A fun way to capture your prompts this week!

  5. This made me smile, thank you :) I love all the pictures and Happy Birthday to sweet puppy :)

  6. Aw! What a cute idea to make up for a potentially boring weekend. I'm sure your puppy enjoyed all the attention. :-)

  7. awwww so adorable and in my humble opinion, much better then camping ;)))

    love your attitude girl, always making everything soooo fun!!

  8. That looks like so much fun - lucky Max!

  9. cute! Totally sweet post.