Wednesday, July 10, 2013

10 {Little} Moments

8 am ~ quiet beginnings

9 am ~ rainy drive through

10 am ~ let's open the mail

11 am ~ let's process some invoices

noon ~ time for today's deposit

1 pm ~ grabbing lunch from Bruegger's

2 pm ~ watering the plants...this one's my favorite

3 pm ~ let's do some filing

4 pm ~ oh, my aching back....

5 pm ~ my time at the pond

{got a kick out of this guy....standing on one leg & stretching his wing}

6 pm ~ meeting a client to choose a wedding invitation design

Just a look at a very typical day in the life...
Full of little moments that added up to a pleasant and productive day!

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  1. I've had a backache this afternoon as!

  2. I love your quiet beginnings, full of colour and quiet. =)

  3. Quiet beginnings is how I like to start the day, too. And the blessing that is watering plants is a wonderful small treasure to unwrap. I really like that picture! Also, what is Brugers? It looks DELISH!

  4. great shots! love that rainy window one!

  5. Such a lovely full day, except for the backache. I almost bought a plant like yours this week.

  6. I love watering my plants as well. I don't have too many of them so I'm not spread too thin. I love that invitation. what a great and unique idea. Looks like it will be a fun event

  7. Great shots of your day!! I've never seen such a big Cambridge Savings Bank!

  8. what a "fun" glimpse into your day!!

    my favorite, the goose!! what a great capture!!

    ps....i did this once and it was sooo fun, i'm not sure why i never did it again!!

  9. Oh, I loved this peak into your day. I keep meaning to do the 10 on 10, but can't remember from the 10th of one month to the 10th of the next!
    But I think this is a good activity to change your perspective for the better. After all who would have thought those stamps and the files could be so pretty?

  10. What a great photo log of your day. Real, capturing the things that grab out attention - like the orderliness of a line of file folders. Brilliant. Your wedding invites are beautiful...

  11. I worked in office settings for years.
    You've captured it.
    Love it.