Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hundreds of Pieces

I do love taking the hundreds of little pieces
and putting them all together to make something lovely.

There are few things, made of paper, twine and burlap, happier than a wedding invitation.

And I've made one hundred for the bride to be! Can't wait to give them to her ... she and her mom have address writing plans this weekend.

{a nice follow up to the Save the Dates, don't you think?!}

Joining Kim for


  1. Those are so beautiful!! I'd be sure to hold on to a few to keep after the big day. They would look so lovely in a scrapbook, or wedding photo album, or other keepsake!

  2. They are gorgeous! They'll love them!

  3. I love the rustic, natural materials. You are so talented! I'm sure the bride and groom will love these.

  4. love the uniqueness and texture!! They are just wonderful Adrienne!!