Sunday, July 21, 2013

Up on the Roof

"When this old world starts a getting me down,
and people are just too much for me to face,
I'll climb way up to the top of the stairs
and all my cares just drift right into space.
Oh the roof it's as peaceful as can be
and there the world below don't bother me."

As a young child I had a secret place on the side of a hill that would hide me
when I needed to slip away.
In the spring and summer it was covered in honey suckle 
and I'd climb behind the bush,
up on a big rock...
I'd get lost in the sweet scent of the flower,
drink it's nectar
and dream my dreams.

As I got older, it was my big bedroom window that provided escape.
I'd climb out my window
and spend hours on the flat garage roof.
talking to myself,
listening to the birds...
and dreaming.
Always dreaming.

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  1. Pretty house all tucked into the trees like that. It must be beautiful in autumn.

  2. a great image, but i loved the story!!

  3. I love the idea of a childhood secret place to read and dream. I was a big daydreamer and funny how in adult life with kids, you often lose the luxury of such things. Sometimes you have to fight to get it back. Dreams are so necessary for growth!

  4. I love that you actually climbed out your window onto the roof! This is a fine house, great shot!

  5. Oh this is just so stunning! Gorgeous choice! Hope it finally cooled off, too!

  6. Seriously??!!?? Sighing here Adrienne! What a great shot AND almost even better...your words. Love you you shared your rooftop getaway with us, truly what "Up on the Roof" brings to mind to me. Thanks for linking up and sharing on Song-ography!!!!

  7. What a great memory from your childhood and such a lovely house nestled in the trees. I enjoyed this post.

  8. Great refuge, great memory.

  9. sounds delightful and the dreamy edit on your image is so fitting. Lovely interpretation.

  10. We all need those spaces dont we??? I still need mine. Love this shot of "your house" . Great lighting

  11. What a wonderful escape, wish I had one like that!

  12. Very nice! Climbing out your window to the roof sounds like a great escape.

    Lynne @ a new Jersey Girl

  13. Very nice! Climbing out your window to the roof sounds like a great escape.

    Lynne @ a new Jersey Girl

  14. I'd love a daydreamy escape such as this.

  15. Wonderful memory...
    my kids all used the windows in their rooms
    to escape to the roof.

  16. Hi, Adrienne,
    My sincere apologies for not visiting very much lately; this summer has just been so busy.
    I've just learned about this meme, and you know I'm anxious to participate this week especially!
    Love your memories in this post.