Monday, August 26, 2013


With the changing of the seasons....comes a renewed desire to focus. I've done a great job of 'lazing' around this summer. And enjoying it! Not felt the least bit guilty. (which is why I've given myself a pat on the back...I can be pretty guilt prone!) I've enjoyed weekend jaunts, a long trip out west, and a number of do-nothing-I-don't-want-to-do days and evenings. All good.

But my house is out of whack. Meals are being thrown together (or ordered in) craft room needs MAJOR organizational and cleaning help...and my stay up too late, sleep in longer mode has got to shift. lists will be made.
Cause nothing helps me focus like a few pages of long lists.
Happy Monday!

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  1. I love the light that you captured in these shots; just gorgeous...

    I am with you on "getting with it" and making to do lists....I have had the same kind of wonderful lazy summer but the fall is creeping up and there's lots on my agenda...I do have to admit I am having a hard time letting go of the "summer attitude".....

  2. Those are so gorgeous!! I worked so hard on getting my apartment put back together now that summer is over! So weird, to go from being home all the time to barely being there!

  3. Oh I am sooooo on the same wave length as you! I feel the need for a good fall clean up coming my way soon! Life seems a mess around here, I need a good dose of reorganization...STAT!

  4. i have been looking for inspiration, perhaps i found it here!!

    these images are lovely, the light, perfect!!

    ooohhhhh and the color, perfect times 2!!

  5. I am sooo right there with ya....I did plenty of resting and thinking, and of doing nothing and watching butterflies studio and my house and my menu's are calling to me. And so are all of the thousands of photos I took all summer...not one edited...because I even took a technology break! I am excited to meet back up with all of my blog friends, have missed you all so much!

  6. We have the same phlox! The transition to structured days sure is hard, but there is also peace that comes with it! Hoping you are able to kick some organizational butt!

  7. I love this post. I love that you didn't feel guilty this summer. A huge thing for me too. Yay! you! and I love that your getting organized. That is exactly what I need to do too. Great photos!!!!