Thursday, August 22, 2013

Six Word Fridays ~ Sigh

They head to the bus stop,
we inhale and hold our breath.
They loose that first best friend,
we find it hard to breathe.
Through skinned knees, fevers...every pain...
there's no breathing for us mamas.

Then they take that first step,
come home with that first A.
get a license....fall in love.
And we exhale. Yes, we exhale.

...even if we didn't realize we'd 
been holding on, holding it in...

After all these years there's still
nothing that fills my heart and
keeps me breathing freely quite like
moments of joy for my kids.
And for my girl, right now,
happiness is a warm puppy. Sigh.

My Memory Art


  1. Ah, yes. Too true! What a cute puppy!

  2. Yes they grow so fast! Puppies are fun too though.