Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Black and White Wednesday ~ Neon

Thirty years ago I lived about a block away from this neon Citgo sign.
There were nights when, if it wasn't for this sign....I wonder if I would have made it back to my dorm. 
{I'll spare you the details of those stories} 
Located in Kenmore square, in the midst of many Boston University buildings, it is also a stone's throw from Fenway and can be seen from almost everywhere in the ball park.

This iconic landmark is a beacon that shines brightly far above the street lights. It's one of those sights that, if you've lived here for any length of time, when you see it you know that you're 

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  1. When my husband and I were dating in college, I went to visit him over the summer. He took me to a Red Socks game and I very distinctly remember him showing me that sign! Good memories.

  2. Very cool shot, and I know what you mean about landmarks that let you know you are home. Nice job.

  3. Wonderful shot ~ I lived near there when I went to a year of Jr College and as a child my Maternal grandmother lived in the Back Bay of Boston and spent a lot of time exploring with her ~ thanks for a great photo and loving memories it illicited for me ~ carol, xo

  4. i don't believe you were a party girl!!

    nice image!!

  5. Great shot of a local landmark. When my relatives from NJ would come to visit they would use this sign to direct them to our house.

  6. You said it! You see it and you know where you are! Best direction beacon EVER!

  7. Awesome capture! Thanks for sharing!