Sunday, September 29, 2013

Getting Nowhere?

Late start. Unexplained car noises.
Missed exits...
Not the easiest of road trips this Friday.

"We're on our way home.
We're going home."
John Lennon & Paul McCartney 
"Two of Us"

But oh, our Saturday morning...
Under the Japanese Magnolia and the towering oaks,
my childhood home cocooned us.
Sitting quietly,
with my father,
my husband
and my daughter
in this special place,
for a few precious hours
was worth all that it took this weekend
to find our way home.

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  1. Lovely photo that obviously holds very special meaning for you. I'm happy you were able to enjoy some family time together at your childhood home.

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  3. Love this shot of a look in to such a cozy and lovely spot!

  4. Lovely shot! Hope you are having a great trip!

  5. Aw....sounds like fun.
    With all that's been happening around here lately, I forgot all about Songography!!
    Sorry not to have visited lately; but I'm always apppreciative of your visits and comments!

  6. i love getting lost....we missed the exit on the parkway yesterday for smithville. actually, it was down, because of all the construction.

    it was a wonderful, unplanned detour, beautiful country roads!!

    this is so pretty adrienne, i know you had good company in the car, and that's all that matters....who your with!!

    happy sunday!!

  7. Welcome "home"! And what a beautiful "nowhere" you headed towards :). I hope you enjoy your visit in my stomping grounds!! What gorgeous weather you have for sitting out in that lovely scene. Thanks for joining in on Song-ography.

  8. Great shot ! Going home is such an awesome feeling.

  9. Beautiful, peaceful photo. I love how the light falls on the yellow leaves. Looks like a lovely place to spend an autumn day with people you love.

  10. Nice :) there's no place like home :)