Monday, September 2, 2013

One Leaf at a Time

A first breath. A first glance. A first step. 
Our baby. Our love. Change.

Most firsts are so exciting. Exhilarating, even. The beginning of a new life, a new love....a new book, or recipe or journey. So much promise. Our hearts expand. Our imagination is set free. We love new beginnings.

As summer fades, and fall starts to show her colors...the notion of change is in the air. And I've seen my first falling leaf. As it swirled and twirled and wafted its way from branch to lawn, I saw a letting go. An ending. A melancholy dance. 

Isn't that the way it is with change? With that first step? It's often so hard to move towards something without looking back over our shoulder... It's hard to take that first step. But when we do - oh when we do!! Leaving behind that which needs to be shed, we turn towards what's next... we shake off the fear. We emerge from the loss. We let go of the negative. One step at a time ... as with the brand new ... our hearts expand and our imagination soars!

I love the fall.

I love this glorious first step toward renewal and rebirth. It's the season of change...and it's bold. Colorful! Announcing itself with a crisp breeze, a refreshing rain or a dazzling treetop, it seems to call to me, to reassure me. To remind me just how wonderful the letting go can be.

Yes, I've seen my first falling leaf.

My first twirling,
dancing...falling leaf.

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  1. That was lovely!
    The leaf reminded me of Freddie.
    I love fall.

  2. This is such a cool post and photo idea, to capture the leaf falling. Nice work!

  3. I love, love, love this. You have captured it so well!! I'm going to end up coming back here to see it again I know I am. So pretty. I love fall too. Have you read October by Robert Frost? You should

  4. Beautiful, Adrienne, and just the words I needed to read. Thank you for this!

  5. Such a beautiful post! Fall is such a beautiful time. It is the time of year when I want to hit the pause button to savor it a little longer. Fall tends to be short here in the south. September is usually still hot; we start cooling in October. Then it is a mad rush of glory for about 5-6 weeks. I would love to live somewhere where fall truly lasts from September through November.

  6. How in the world did you capture these falling leaves? I have such a shutter lag on my camera, I never would have captured something like this! I love the words you used to describe the falling leaves and the meaning behind shedding what needs to be shed and change. That's a lesson I need to head right now. Thank you!
    --Michele at Sweet Leaf.

  7. You are amazing! What a gift.

  8. Lovely shots! :-)

  9. This made me smile. I love Fall and the swirling and twirling of leaves.

  10. Such a wonderful treatise on change! Letting go is right. And here I just wrote I'm not ready for summer to end just yet. Perhaps I need to let go myself, and enjoy the trip to the other side.

  11. How neat to catch a leaf falling like that. Beautiful shots.

  12. Awesome post, awesome images. I like what you wrote, but I struggle with fall only because it moves toward winter and darkness. I feel this exhileration in spring time-a sense of expansion toward light, warmth and color.
    Your one leaf and words remind me of a "tipping point". So often we only see it in hindsight. How different to be aware.

  13. Wonderful post on letting go and adjusting to the inevitable changes. Your images illustrate your words so beautifully.

  14. Great photos (and patience).
    Your words are beautiful, poetic.

  15. I, for one, am so very excited!! This is a great sequence Adrienne, I can feel the motion of the leaf!!

  16. Excellent shots! I love the feeling of fall in the air!

  17. Gorgeous! Poetry in your words and photos. Thanks for sharing,
    Happy PHC,

  18. Lovely serie, sowel photos as words