Saturday, September 21, 2013


"Pink Sky Over Fenway"

On Sundays I enjoy linking up with
for something she likes to call
She picks a song, and those of us who join in allow the music
or the lyrics to inspire us...inspire our photographic eye
and our imagination.
This week's song was "Pink" by Aeorsmith.
Just keeping it real...I didn't really like the song, and I'm not a huge fan of the color.
So, I was stuck rather than inspired...
Until I walked into Fenway park on Friday night and saw this:

And this...

I saw the pink hats and t-shirts and knew two things...
First of all, I knew I'd be looking for pink things to shoot during the ball game.
I realized my favorite line of Aerosmith's song is

"Pink, it's like red - but not quite."

{this happens to be especially true at a Sox game!!}

Now that the Sox are AL East Champs,
I'm betting that all the Nana's, kiddos, mama's and cotton candy vendors
are getting their cheers ready for October ball!
I sure am!


  1. I'm not a "Pink" gal either...but the song kinda cracks me up :). I saw you on Instagram the other night looking for pink at the ballgame...I KNEW you'd find cotton candy at least! But I"m really liking that "Nana 1" t-shirt...thats pretty awesome. Hopefully you'll like next week's song more :). But you've def proven that even a song that doesn't "grab ya"...still can push you to look for something you might not otherwise have noticed. Since the Phillies are out of it I'll say...GO SOX!

  2. I'm with Kathy. I think for not liking the song or the color you knocked this out of the ballpark! :)
    Love the shirt and cotton candy shots!

  3. For not being a fan of the color, you sure did a great job of spotting it! I, too, love the cotton candy :)

  4. I kinda listened to the song with my mouth open...I'd heard it before but the words...yikes. This song-ography makes me realize how little I am really getting the meaning behind most of the songs I already know. You did a fantastic job with it!!

  5. You know I love this beyond measure!!

    So proud of those sox! I have a friend going to today's game - I told him he stinks (-:

  6. I love your take on this. Of course I am partial to baseball.

  7. I'll never be able to go to a Sox game again without seeing pink all over the place. Your post was terrific.

  8. well, i must say, pink kinda grew on me, litterally!! take clothes for instance. i would wear the pink shirt with that cute blue hat with the heart on it. that's a rockin' outfit!!

    love, love, love those pink sneakers, toes pointed inward!!

    great and oh so creative entry, you sure did find a lot of pink!!

  9. My favorite is the little girl in the pink shoes! Isn't it funny how you can find a color when you really look for it. Our cameras make us all more observant, don't they?!

  10. Love the sneakers too pink is growing on me too. Great set Happy Shooting

  11. Nana is the one for me! You did great in finding all those "pinks".

  12. You did great! I love your "pink, it's like red, but not quite". Reminds me of a product slogan. :)

  13. What fun! - You did a great job finding "Pink" at the ballgame. I don't mind the color that much but the song wasn't really my thing either.