Saturday, September 14, 2013

Shifting Shore

Shoreline, ever moving
ever changing
day in
day out

Feet on sandy ground, toes kissed by waves
of salty goodness
aware of something beautiful

Oh, the ebb, the flow
each day melts into the next
no two the same

And water can rise quick
for years I've been scared of it
will it subside
will today pull me under
knock me to my knees
pull me under?

Arms up, arms out
not gonna let me drown
not gonna!
I won't let myself drown
let myself down
I kneel
reach up, reach out
stand up

And I walk

along the shifting shore
the ripples chase me
I breathe

I find the air I need to breathe
and I'm
aware of all things beautiful

{Inspired by NeedToBreathe's "Something Beautiful"}
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  1. Soo soo soo pretty!!! Is this Maine or here in MA?

  2. Would ya look at those CLOUDS! I'm not sure if the waves are a backdrop for the clouds or vice verssa! And that cliff in the many interesting elements to this shot. Certainly so much "Something Beautiful" here. Speaking of which...what a beautiful profile picture of you my dear :)

  3. Beautiful photo! and love the poem with it!

  4. So lovely! And your poem is beautiful! I thought at first it's part of the song that I missed. Then realized you wrote it. "Ripples chase me" -- love it!

  5. Oh my goodness you've really captured the mood of the song. First with that gorgeous ocean shot and then with your inspired words. Wow, very creative.

  6. you are just too creative for me girl!!

    there are so many beautiful elements in this image....i would love to sit on that cliff and watch those soft rolling waves. then dip my toes in the water.... yep, that's what i would do!!

    happy sunday!!

  7. This is so so beautiful! What a peaceful looking location!

  8. a poet & a photographer! what talent!

  9. I love how well the words and photo go together. Beautiful.

  10. What a good way for me to start my week. With so much going on, I have been a bit overwhelmed. Now I feel won't pull me under. Not today!

    btw...I love the new blog header.

  11. A gorgeous view, for sure. So relaxing and the clouds are gorgeous.