Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tree Tops

My 9-5 is an office. I'm the keep-the-cupboard-stocked gal. The no-you-can't-speak-to-my-boss gal. The greeter, the plant feeder. I file. I run errands. Copying, scanning and mailing fill the moments. I even type. On a typewriter. The best things about my job are...I have a wonderful boss. He's a generous man who works very hard to keep a small business up and running. He keeps about ten families in groceries. In this day and age, this is no small feat. I like that there is variety to my tasks. And that it's not always super busy... However, it's a 9-5 office job - and it's just hard to be stuck inside sometimes! 

This week has been crazy - it's time for the annual insurance audit. Which means extra work. Lots of it. And puts a person in touch with just how many regulations, forms....i-dotting and t-crossing...there is to keep a business running. It often seems pretty foolish to me. But not really my point. 

My point the end of these inside walks around "my" pond mean so much! The cob-webs clear, I get a little re-energized for the evening...and I watch the seasons. The light is quickly changing, so yesterday's treat was watching the lingering sunlight kiss the tops of the trees. At the end of my walk there were a couple of tree tops that have begun to turn and to loose their leaves. 

As I looked up, the soft red glow, on this perfect, early fall day...filled me to the brim.

Joining Kim for Little Things Thursdays


  1. It is hard to be cooped up this time of year, but a lovely fall walk is just the remedy! Hope the busy things settle down, and that you are able to enjoy more time around the pond!

  2. So hard to be inside and swamped when it's a gorgeous day outside!!

    It is such a gorgeous time in our amazing state!

  3. Oh, I don't know how you do it, I think I would die a slow death. Bu then again it's still in triple digits here and I die a slow (and sweaty) death outside as well. The photo is gorgeous!

  4. such a "grateful" enty, seeing the entire picture!!

    we employed about 25 people back in the day, chuck was an awesome, hard working, hands on boss. i did what you do. i am happy for the experience and very happy to be home now!!

    very pretty image!!

    ooohhhh and how i hated insurance audits....somehow, we always owed big bucks!! good luck and get those insurance certificates!!