Thursday, October 10, 2013

10 on 10 ~ Pumpkin Spice?

{9} {coffee. straight up. no pumpkin flavor for me}

{10} {keep these 2 pumpkins close to me all day} 
{their 20 something selves really love this...not.}

{11} {this adorableness popped into my instagram feed and cheered me up!!}

{12} {work errand at a nearby nursery. we need new office plants}

{1} {lunch.... oregano. basil. still no pumpkin spice...}

{2} {spotted. on the way to the bank. LOVE my new england neighborhoods}

{3} {p is not for pumpkin. not here. more like plumbing. or paychecx}

{4} {always have to have some mary engelbreit with me}

{5} {it's fall!! even in the parking lot....leaving work!}

{6} {nice long walk around my pretty neighborhood}

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  1. What a great day you had, it's nice that you get to leave the office!!

    Andee at match the pictures emailed me yesterday, that she was going to do this. I was going to try to also!!

    We both failed!!

  2. Enjoyed your take on this month's theme. I especially love the color mixture in the first image.

  3. Beautiful pictures, love seeing the beautiful color of Fall in your hometown!

  4. Why am I not surprised that we have a love of Mary E. in common?! Color and cheer. Love her.

  5. A lovely day,
    made more so by your gratitude for it.