Thursday, October 31, 2013

Boston Strong

Our team of bearded boys finished the job last night.
With heart for their home town, they showed us
'Boston Strong'
We are all so proud...
and grateful!

From the early days after the marathon bombing,
Fenway has brought our city together.
Reminded us of good
and given us reason to hope...
and celebrate.
When you're at Fenway you cheer together
and sing together.
Generation gaps disappear,
Politics, differences and troubles fade away...

And, somehow, the heroes on the field
do more to honor the heroes, the victims, the children and the city
 around them than to 
glorify themselves.

Love my home town bearded bunch!

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  1. I am also from Boston :) what a night! I was your neighbor at Little Things but last night was no little thing!!

  2. Congrats to Boston and the Sox. I watched!

  3. I guess if there was any time to catch a few innings of baseball, it was last night! I was thinking of you and your love for the team and city--and I seriously loved those beards :)

  4. Congrats on the big win, and I say that after the rough spring there that this win was much needed!

  5. Whoo Hoo on the win, awesome photo, and great tribute to your team!

  6. I still cannot believe it happened!! They did it for themselves, they did it for the city, they did it for all of us!!!

    Man of man - love those bearded boys!

  7. Well, I have to admit that altho I was rooting for the Sox the entire journey...I was NOT diggin the beards! I'm sure many players' wives and girlfriends have gone razor shopping today :)