Sunday, October 6, 2013

There it was...

When I read the quote on my page-a-day calendar on Friday, I had to chuckle. The morning began with a tired case of the grumps. Reading this in my comfortable kitchen, while making coffee on my fancy coffee maker before leaving for work at my well paying job...I had to chuckle. It's uncanny how, even when surrounded by comfort {by enough - more than enough} we can allow ourselves to be swallowed up by the negatives. I shook it off, sipped my coffee and headed to the office.

After a busy day, I stopped off at the pond to catch a bit of fresh air and fall foliage. It had been a blustery day, and the sky was gray. The first of the fallen leaves were gathering in the water along the edge of the pond...the water washed over them and the reds and yellows were vibrant. It was nice to be there, and the air was refreshing...but I was feeling rushed, and my mind wasn't settled as quickly as it usually is by the waters and the paths.

And then I turned back to the parking lot to head home.

And there it was.
The blessing that was clearly not in disguise.
Over the paved lot {not the place that I usually look for nature to wow me}  was a full arc.
Maybe one of the first rainbows I've ever seen this clearly.
I remembered that morning's quote, and just let go. Laughed again...

...and stood still for quite a long while.
Until a double rainbow was visible...and then they both faded from the sky.

I stopped worrying about disguises, and just started counting my blessings.

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  1. Rainbow!!! Love it!!!! And double!!

  2. Don't you just love it when God reaches down and gives you a hug? That's what I call these special moments when you know that He has sought you out to bless. Thank you for sharing your "hug" with us today.

  3. Incredible! Don't you just love it when these things happen? So true how often we find ourselves surrounded by comfort, and yet still feel a void sometimes. I love that God did you open better with the double rainbow! Blessing? Hah! Here are two!

  4. ooohhhh i love your calender...

    and that double rainbow, gorgeous and such a rare sighting!!

  5. Rainbows can be so hard to capture, and you nailed it....I love when God says, wait-stop-look at this!