Monday, November 25, 2013

My Anchor

It was a sunny, frigid day in Boston yesterday.
And I wanted to write about blessings.
But wasn't sure what to say...

Because I believe I am deeply blessed. Profoundly, completely, repeatedly. Now and over my lifetime.
Not only do I believe I am blessed, but I feel it.
Sure, I get tired and anxious and pouty. Truth is, I have a down right melancholy soul.
But the blessings are there. And real. And they matter more than the rest and soothe my soul...when I let them.

Lately, however, my path has felt unclear. There are days when I'd describe myself as hemmed in. Limited. With only a few choices.

Other days I feel like there are too many options. That there is so much that I long to do. That I could be heading anywhere I choose.

Like the fallen leaves, I feel a bit blown here and there by the winds. And wonder if a decision made a decade ago to change paths, to swim against the current that had carried us for years, wasn't just a bit too crazy!

When I start to get lost in doubt, questions, "what ifs" and "what's next" it's then that I realize what the blessings mean to me. What they do for me.

They are my anchor.

When the winds blow, and the waves of doubt toss me's the simple joys and those immeasurable blessings of home and family that steady me. Carry me. And fill my heart to overflowing.

"I have been blessed, and I feel like I've found my way.
I thank God for all I've been given at the end of every day.
I have been blessed
With so much more than I deserve!
To be here with the ones who love me, to love them so much it hurts...
I have been blessed."
{Martina McBride}

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  1. This was so beautiful! I am so sure you will find the right path in all you do!

  2. Absolutely a beautiful post, love this!

  3. I can relate! I can ask "what if" a lot. But, now I'm trying to change that to "what now?" "What's my next best step?" I don't always know either. What I do know is that God is committed to leading you. He will show you what's next at the right time.

  4. as always adrienne, this is beautiful!!

    i sometimes wonder, why such a beautiful person, with such a great spirit wonders so much?! i am lucky to feel such contentment right now, such peace!!

    my wish for you is to see your path, clearly in front of you. for you to know what a special person you are!!

    these images are gorgeous and perfect for this song!!

  5. A truly soulful post. When the doubt creeps in, get out into nature and be still...tune into your very own frequency. The universe will tap into your vibration and will always guide you in the right direction. And you will smile a great big smile as you recognize the "aha" moment. Aloha and peace be with you!

  6. So Beautiful.. I can relate in your feelings so well. Blessing to you.

  7. This is just beautiful. I can completely relate! I am often just wishing the 'winds' would make the choice for me, and I guess in some ways they often do!

  8. hmmmm….I wish I had been with you as you meandered about. I have so many questions--about choices made or left unmade, about how mothers who loved nothing more than mothering redefine their role at our age--so many things we would talk about as we walked.