Thursday, November 14, 2013

Six Word Fridays ~ Hold

With a whisper, and a wish
and a woosh of the wind
tiny seeds set sail. As this
letting go season comes to an
end, each pod breaks wide open
and sets her wispy babies free.

With a whisper, and a wish
and a melting of the heart,
we don't hold on too tight.
We do not hold our babies
back....but with smiles, tears and
 prayers, we watch them fly away!

My Memory Art six word fridays

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  1. Those are just magnificent!! WOW!

  2. awww adrienne, this is just so beautiful!!

    i know this is all about loving and letting go.....i hope one day you realize how wonderful it really is!!

    you raised two awesome kids, that have just taken flight!! the next chapter is better then the first!!

  3. Oh my goodness...the way you caught the light! STUNNING!

  4. Beautifully done! I love the words and the images you chose, and how nature teaches us these things if we just choose to listen.

  5. These seed pods always add such a wonderful touch of whimsy to Autumn. Lovely shots!
    Visiting from Nurture Photography.

  6. Nature is sowing its wild oats


  7. Neat compliment between the poem and the pictures you chose to go with it.

    I like thhe textures and light you captured.

  8. Love your blog, you are a talented photographer, these pictures are adorable!

  9. What beautiful photos! Very delicate close-ups, delightful!