Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Black & White Wednesday ~ Diversity

From leafy to branchy.
From full, green, colorful and changing magically to empty, sprawling, bony fingers reaching to the sky.

I love watching the trees change!

As the blustery winds and chilled air have carried us through November, I spent many moments focused (with lens, heart and mind) on the tremendous diversity of all the changing trees.

It was just ten days ago, standing under the sprawling branches that tower above the town green, that I heard the trees sharing a secret with me. The sun illuminated the leaves that still filled the great tree above, and yet the trees on the horizon were already emptied of their leaves.

No judgement. The oaks aren't worried about keeping up with the maples. All shapes and sizes. Some transitioning from summer to winter in the blink of an eye, some with leaves that linger still.

And I thought....what a beautiful picture this makes. Each tree playing their part and changing at their own pace. How lovely it would be if we'd all look at our differences this way...if we'd learn to accept, appreciate and learn from each other...if we'd rejoice in the beautiful whole that is this world.

Yup. I just love the trees!

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  1. What a beautiful picture. I grew up in AZ so trees were scarce, it wasn't until I moved to SC that I truly appreciated the beauty of a tree.

  2. Great sentiments...each one beautiful in it's own special way.

  3. I was just noticing the drastic change in the trees--all branches. Just like that it's winter. I like your way of looking at things!

  4. i LOVE trees also...no matter how they look they always make me smile!!

  5. I love watching them change, too! Suddenly last night I realized the trees on my street were bare - just like that!

  6. Oh, the light! I love your composition and your words, but it's the light that makes this image sing to me.

  7. Beautiful words, and I so agree. Nature, especially trees, teach us the most amazing things.

  8. Extraordinary photo! Perfect contrast, a sense of color in blacks and grays.

  9. Beautiful! I love trees, too. They really do have lives of their own.
    --Michele at Sweet Leaf, Visiting from PHC