Sunday, December 1, 2013


"It's time I found myself
totally surrounded in your circles...
Please, celebrate me home."
Kenny Loggins

It's the littlest of things.
And the biggest, too.
It's a celebration that brings family to the table.
Such a simple thing.
And yet it's everything.

As I type, the day is gray and rainy.
I'm chilled to the bone
and have not had the weekend I expected.
The good moments were sweet 
and the laughter hemmed us in.
But there were some really tough moments.
I felt called to peel back those layers
and focus on the gratitude that lives
in the deepest place.
The place that we find gratitude in spite of our circumstances.
The place where our heart holds memories,
and truth.
Love and forgiveness.
Joy, kindness and the breath of God.

And, for me, when I'm laughing
and when I'm crying,
I surround myself in the circle that is family.
And I am home.

Joining Kathy and friend for


  1. Oh wow great shot of the water droplet

  2. Life seen through your eyes is wonderfully lovely.

  3. love, love, love how you focus on those "tiny" little details. it's what makes everything feel soooo very special!!

    your table looks amazing!!

  4. Such wonderful details to your post and your table! I hope the good things keep coming and that you are always in a circle of family!

  5. Beautiful - your pictures, your table, your words.

  6. Beautiful post.i think true beauty is gratitude in hard circumstances. I'm sorry there were some disappointments over the weekend. Glad joy was still found.

  7. I've missed you friend. Let me say those place cards are gorgeous. It's those tough moments that really make us appreciate the good ones. Hugs and love!!

  8. The sweetest gift is the ability to recognize gratitude, when it isn't taking center stage. I think it helps keep us centered, otherwise we'd go off down a path that isn't illuminated. This is a heartfelt and beautiful post. I'm glad that you were able to celebrate home surrounded in your circles (and my, what a lovely table you all sat at too!). Thanks for joining in on Song-ography. Wishing you easier times to come.