Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Santa Magic

The puppy was the first one down stairs this morning.
The stockings were stuffed, and he sniffed around, liking the way his smelled the most.
He could tell something was up!
After checking out the fun stuff under the tree, he turned...
and posed...
and looked at me...

as if to say, "Where is everyone? I'm ready for some action!"

The day was full of packages, laughter, games and great food!

After dinner and phone calls to far away family,
we put "The Holiday" into the DVD player and
the kids assembled their Christmas Legos.
Yup, my grown up kiddos got Legos from Santa.
Star Wars Legos.
We now have an R2D2 to add to our collection!

We've built many a Lego creation in our day.
But we've never tweeted, facebooked, instagrammed or blogged about them...
until today!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!
We sure did!

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  1. legos are a great way to spend time together...especially on Christmas day.

  2. Love LEGO and doggies! :-)

  3. that puppy loves Christmas!

    I invite you to the SIXTH YEAR'S celebration of 'The 12 days of Christmas here at Lunch Break' (Dec 25 - Jan 5th).

    Wishing YOU a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a bright and prosperous NEW YEAR.

    Please stop by and share

    much love

  4. That R2D2 Lego is awesome! It would fit right in at my house.

  5. Sounds like a lovely day! The R2D2 is awesome! So glad you had a wonderful Christmas.

  6. Sounds like you added some more good Christmas memories. LOVE that dog shot!

  7. hehe, we are a "techy" group aren't we!! all phones were turned off at the start of the day and amazingly, we all survived!!

    your puppy is adorable, sounds like a super fun day....i LOVE lego's and puzzles, my men run when i break out a puzzle ;)

  8. what an awesome photo of the pup...and how funny that he just turned and posed! That is definitely an incredible lego project to tweet, blog and facebook post about!

  9. That R2D2 looks great! So glad you had such a great Christmas.

  10. Your doggie is so adorable!I had Christmas yesterday and liked it so much I am doing it again today. I have a ham in the oven and roast potatoes. Well why not have double the fun!! Come say hi soon I'm your latest follower. Sounds like you had an amazing christmas.

  11. Puppy Doodles is too cute, and 'The Holiday' - love that movie (watched it once or twice myself this holiday) and I just love how everyone is shimmying up to the Lego R2D2 with their cell phones.

  12. Love that the big puppy was the first one to the tree!

  13. A Happy Christmas at your house! Love the photo of the puppy...just waiting for everyone.